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Is it safe to leave the hotel?

This is a question we receive often  and our answer is – absolutely! We know that hotels often tell guest that it’s not safe outside of the hotels, but that is simply not true, especially on an organized tour.

We use a well established professional transportation company and chauffeurs that provide exclusive transportation for our group. You will be accompanied by and English speaking guide the duration of the tour.

Lastly the places we visit are often frequented by tourist and are considered safe.

How long is the tour?

The La Romana tour is about 10 hours in total, the San Pedro Tour around twelve hours.

La Romana is about an hours drive from the Punta Cana area, and San Pedro about an hour and 40 mins from the Punta Cana area . We spend about 30 min at the cigar shop and up to an hour at Altos de Chavon.  The length of the game can really vary.

As this is a developmental league, they tend to switch out the pitcher frequently and the games can often be very eventful.

Is food and drink included in the tour?

Food and drinks are not included in the tour price. However food is very surprisingly affordable (and delicious) in the stadium.

A hot dog is about $4 US dollars or $200 Dominican Pesos, a personal pan Domino’s pizza is about $5 US dollars or about $250 pesos, and beer is about $2 US dollars or $100 pesos.  

But most importantly, the real Dominican baseball food – Pica Pollo (fried chicken) is about $3 dollars for a 2 piece and some fried plantains or fries!

What is the difference between the La Romana and the San Pedro Tour?
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